Provably Fair

What is Provable Fairness?

Provable fairness is a fundamental concept in online gaming, designed to ensure that the outcomes of games are determined randomly and cannot be manipulated by the operator or any other party. This concept guarantees equal winning odds for all players, making every game outcome completely random and unpredictable.

Achieving Provable Fairness

To ensure each bet is provably fair, our platform employs a combination of essential elements:

  1. Server-Side Seed: A random value generated by our system, acting as a key input for the random number generator.

  2. Client-Side Seed: Uniquely generated by the player, this value allows players to exert influence on the outcome, adding an extra layer of fairness to the process.

  3. Cryptographic Nonce: A distinct value used to secure the unpredictability of each game, preventing any form of result manipulation.

These components collectively function as inputs to the random number generator, determining the game's outcome in a manner that is transparent and verifiable.

Verifying Fairness

Players have the capability to verify the fairness of each game on our verification page. This transparency is crucial, allowing them to check server-side and client-side seeds, along with the cryptographic nonce.