Affiliate Program

A Partnership That Pays!

Discover the power of Gamba’s affiliate program! Every bet, every play, translates into earnings for you. Enjoy transparent, real-time tracking and analytics, an array of marketing resources, and competitive commission structures. Dive deep into a partnership where your growth is our priority. Explore below for details!

Simple Steps, Big Earnings

Create your unique code, invite and grow your community, and watch the passive income roll in.

Create Your Unique Code

Create and customize your code and referral split for optimized earnings.

Grow Your Referral Community

Share your code, grow your affiliate base, and multiply your earnings.

Unleashing Passive Profits

Watch your income grow with every wager your referrals make, win or lose.

Empowering Your Earnings

Harness the power of flexibility, insight, and growth, tailored to optimize your affiliate journey at Gamba.

Commission Calculation

Commissions are calculated distinctly for casino and sports bets made by your referrals. Delve into the equations below.


Each of our casino games has its own unique house edge. To calculate your commission, use the following formula:

(Edge as Decimal * Wagered) * Commission Rate


All sports bets have a standard theoretical house edge of 3%. To determine your commission, use the following formula:

(0.03 * Wagered) * Commission Rate

Commission Tiers

Rise through tiers, each escalating your commission rate, scaled by the total wagers across all your codes by referrals.

Become a Gamba Partner

Have a significant following? Explore exclusive partnership opportunities and bespoke affiliate deals. Discover the synergy where your influence meets enhanced earnings and exceptional value for your audience.

Have More Questions?

Check out our detailed Help Center for more insights on various topics. Also, our dedicated 24/7 live support team is always ready to help and answer your queries or concerns.